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TREND Transportation Center, is an approved education provider for the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC)

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TREND Transportation Center

TTC : TREND Transportation Center, is an approved education provider for the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC), teaches new driver applicants and existing TLC licensed drivers in the skills necessary to operate TLC licensed vehicles including yellow and green taxis and all for-hire vehicle (FHV) options including livery vehicles, black cars, and luxury limousines.

If your looking to drive for UBER or Lyft or Gett or Via or Leap, you've come to the best TLC School in NYC. Obtain your NYC TLC license with the best TLC instructors in New York City.

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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) Class: $55

24 Hour TLC Class & TLC Exam: $210

Combo Course: $265

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Education Requirements

A 3-hour class required by all new TLC driver applicants. The class focuses on sensitivity training to passengers with disabilities and gives specific training on rules and regulations associated with transporting wheelchair using passengers in wheelchair accessible vehicles. Maximum class size is 12 students per 1 instructor and 1 securement platform. Every student is required to successfully secure an occupied wheelchair to the demonstration platform.

A 6-hour class required by all new TLC drivers. The class focuses on safe driving techniques and New York State DMV regulations. Successful completion of the class can reduce DMV penalty points for summonses and will give drivers a 10% reduction in their base insurance rates.

A 3-day course, 8 hours each day totaling 24 hours of initial driver education covering TLC required topics including: TLC regulations, DMV regulations, customer relations, map reading, and NYC geography. Students are prepared for the TLC exam; class size is 32 students to 1 instructor.

A 5-hour class required by TLC drivers every 3 years which focuses on new TLC and DMV regulations, industry changes, customer service, and a review of assisting passengers with disabilities

Our Mission -for TTC is to deliver the highest quality TLC training courses.

Emphasis is placed on safety, rules and regulations, and customer service. Program performance is measured by student test scores, testimonials, and surveys.

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